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OCR Utility Undergrounding District Project





The Old County Road Utility Undergrounding District Project

Over the past several years, City staff has worked with the community and City Council to develop the Old County Road Utility Underground project, with the goal of creating an aesthetic and safe corridor in this part of downtown by undergrounding of existing overhead utilities.

The construction of the project is tentatively scheduled to begin in the summer of 2015 which will take approximately 18 months to complete.

There are four main phases of construction:

  • Trenching involves digging a trench within the travel lanes through the extent of the project limits and in each individual property to place conduits that will eventually house the new underground lines. Panel conversion requires the program contractor to prepare each electric meter panel to accept the new underground service.
  • Cabling and placement of equipment involves running utility lines through the newly placed underground conduits. Once cabling is complete, the new underground system will be energized for use.
  • Cutover involves taking residents off the old overhead system and converting them to the new underground system.
  • Removal involves taking down the overhead lines and utility poles. This portion of work happens at the end of construction

In 2010, the City received a grant for paving the Old County Road south of Ralston Avenue, and requested that PG&E complete the trenching and conduit installation of that section by installing the necessary conduits in that portion of Old County Road.

The estimated construction cost is approximately $8 million. To date the credit allocated to the City is $5,177,105 including a negotiated transfer of $1.7 million Rule 20A funds from the City of Foster City to the City of Belmont. In addition, the Rule 20A typically allows borrowing of five years future allocation only. Although the estimated total construction cost exceeds the allocated credit plus the five years borrowing, the project is grandfathered before the 2011 work credit allocation changed. This means PG&E has agreed to complete the project even if the City must borrow out more than five years of future Rule 20A work credits

Project Limits: Along Old County Road from the San Mateo City Limit to San Carlos City Limit
Funding Sources: Rule 20A Funds, City Funds
Funding Amount: Rule 20A Undergrounding Project is $8,000,000; City funded Street Lighting Project is $800,000
Construction Date: Tentatively scheduled for summer 2015
Community Meetings: Check back here as further announcements will be made once the meeting dates are identified.

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