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Old County Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project



The Project includes the demolition and reconstruction of the existing curb, sidewalk, and driveway along the west side of the Old County Road and also the reconstruction of the sidewalk along the east side of the Old County Road.  The improvement project is to ensure that pedestrian walking infrastructure across the driveway entrances on Old County Road meets the accessibility standards.  Bicycle Improvements consist of adding shared bike lanes on Old County Road in both northbound and southbound directions from the Belmont/San Carlos city limit to Ralston Avenue.


General Project Information

Project scope of work

Provide traffic control, construction area signs, water pollution control; remove and replace thermoplastic striping, pavement markers, concrete curb, gutter, valley gutter, driveway approaches and sidewalk; adjusting utility boxes, cleaning of the site at the end of the job.

Project limits 

On Old County Road from Ralston Avenue to the southern City limit. 

Estimated length of construction is 40 working days. 

The local residents/business will be notified by the Contractor 5 days prior to the start of construction. During construction, the Contractor will coordinate with the local residence/business regarding access in/out of their driveway as well as provide traffic control/signs for pedestrians and motorists to help with traffic flow.  Work shall be limited to the allowable weekday hours (8 am to 5 pm) Monday through Friday (unless otherwise authorized by the City.) 

For more information about this Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvement Project, please address questions and/or provide comments to:

Mary Erchul
(949) 528-5731 

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