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In-Roadway Lighting Pedestrian Crosswalk Lights To Be Replaced With New System

Post Date:01/03/2017 11:43 AM
Rapid Flash Beacon 

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon will soon replace Crosswalk In-Pavement Lights

We have been experiencing continuing problems with our In-Roadway Lighting pedestrian crosswalk warning systems.  The system presently deployed at 5 locations in Belmont is starting to break-down and require significant resources to keep operational. We have problems with 2 of the 5 locations right now with estimated repair costs of more than $4,000.00 per location. 

The City of Belmont is planning to replace the existing In-Roadway Lighting systems with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon systems as failures occur rather than spend our resources repairing our outdated systems.  We recently installed one at a mid-block location on Shoreway and are confident that it is a superior system.  

Why Change Out Systems?

The in-roadway lighting systems degrade the roadway, are costly (upwards of $700.00 each) and require replacement every couple of years.  It can also be very disruptive of traffic and dangerous for staff. Approximately half of our present inventory of in-roadway light signs are no longer supported by the manufacturer and will require replacement in the foreseeable future (two currently require replacement at an estimated cost of approximately $4,000.00 per location) 

The upcoming Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon systems can be installed and serviced without need for staff to be in the roadway.  Additionally, they do not degrade the street, and studies have shown they increase driver yield rates 73% over traditional beacon systems.  These new systems are substantially less expensive than the current In-Roadway Lighting system we currently use.  

Public Works Traffic Operations staff will be removing the following in-roadway lighting systems with the new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon systems within the next few months: 

Replacement by March 2017:

  • Alameda De Las Pulgas @ The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM)
  • Ralston Avenue @ Villa

Replacement Summer of 2017:

  • Alameda De Las Pulgas @ Garden Court
  • Ralston Avenue @ Maywood
  • Middle Road @ Central Elementary School

For more information, contact Public Works @ 650-595-7425

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