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Invitation for Sealed Bids- Davey Glen Park Project

  • Department:Parks and Recreation
  • RFP Number:2016-547
  • Start Date:03/16/2016 2:34 PM
  • Close Date:04/18/2016 2:00 PM


The City of Belmont invites sealed bids for public project construction described as: Davey Glen Park Project, Contract Number 2016-547.  The public project construction is more specifically defined in the Contract Documents, but generally includes the following items of work:  Constructing a neighborhood park on approximately one-third of an acre of a site located adjacent to Davey Glen Road.  Access from the street would include stairs, accessible ramps, seating, and an interpretive sign.  Other site improvements would include a street and sidewalk work, grading and drainage, irrigation, a dry creek bed to collect and filter storm water runoff, retaining walls, a synthetic turf area, installation of City purchased benches and picnic tables, fencing, and installation of City purchased playground equipment.  (the “Work”)

  1. PRE-BID CONFERENCE: A recommended pre-bid conference is scheduled for 2:00pm, Monday, April 4, 2016, at the Davey Glen Park Site, Belmont, California.

    All Bidders are encouraged to attend so that their bid is not rejected due to lack of adequate documentation.  Any statements made at the pre-bid conference do not constitute changes in the Contract Documents.  Amendments to the Contract Documents can only be accomplished by means of addenda issued by the Director of Parks & Recreation or his designee (“City’s Authorized Representative”).

  2. BID SUBMITTAL, WITHDRAWAL, IRREVOCABILITY: Bids must be submitted on the bid forms supplied by the City. SEALED BIDS must be received at the City of Belmont, City Clerk’s Office, 1 Twin Pines Lane, Suite 375  Belmont, CA 94002 (hereinafter the City) by Monday, April 18, 2016 at 2:00 PM  local time (“Bid Deadline”), at which time and place the bids will be publicly opened. Bids received after the bid deadline will not be accepted. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that its bid package is duly delivered.  Bidders are solely responsible for the cost of preparing their bids. No bidder may withdraw its bid for a period 60 days after the date set for bid opening, except as provided in Public Contract Code Section 5101 et seq.
  3. ENGINEER’S ESTIMATE: The Engineer’s estimated total construction cost for this Contract is $1,232,200 for the work.  This estimate is intended to serve merely as a guideline of the magnitude of work. Neither the bidders nor the contractor shall be entitled to claims because of any inaccuracy in the estimated cost range.    
  4. CONTRACT TIME; LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: The construction Work is to be completed within a total of 147 working days after the date specified in the City’s Notice To Proceed with Construction Start scheduled for May 16, 2016 and project completion scheduled for December 15, 2016. The City will assess liquidated damages in the amount of $100 for each and every working day of delay in finishing the work in excess of the contract time. 
  5. REQUIRED CONTRACTOR’S LICENSE(S): Under Business & Professions Code Section 7028.15 and Public Contract Code Section 3300, all bidders must possess proper licenses for the performance of the work contemplated by the Project. Failure to possess the specified license(s) at the time of bidding will render the bid non-responsive. Contractors must possess a valid California Class A contractor’s license for this contract. Firms bidding as a joint venture must secure a joint venture license before award of this contract.
  6. DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  No contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal for a public works project (submitted on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations under Labor Code section 1725.5 or submitting a bid as part of a joint venture authorized by Business and Professions Code Section 7029.1 or by Public Contract Code Section 10164 and 20103.5, provided the contractor is registered to perform public work under Section 1725.5 at the time the contract is awarded.  No contractor or subcontractor may be awarded a contract for the project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations under Labor Code section 1725.5.  This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations.
  7. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Bidders may obtain the bidding documents including Plans and Specifications, at City of Belmont, Parks & Recreation Department, 30 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, CA for a non-refundable charge of $40 in the form of a check payable to City of Belmont.  Plans are also available on line at, at Peninsula Builders Exchange, and on the Belmont website.
  8. BONDS AND INSURANCE: Bid security in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the Bid Amount must accompany the Bid in accordance with Public Contract Code Section 20170. After award of the contract, the successful bidder must provide security for faithful performance and labor and materials (payment bond) as well as proof of insurance, in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Contract Documents. Bonds must be executed by a surety possessing a valid certificate of authority issued by the California Department of Insurance.
  9. SECURITIES SUBSTITUTION: At the request and expense of the Contractor to whom the Contract is awarded, securities in a form approved by the City will be permitted in substitution for money withheld by the City to ensure performance under the Contract, as provided in Public Contract Code Section 22300.
  10. PREVAILING WAGE: This project is a public work under Labor Code Section 1770, et seq., and the successful bidder will be required to comply with certain labor standards and employment requirements including payment of the prevailing wage rates in effect on the date this Invitation for Sealed Bids was first published. Copies of the prevailing wage rates can be viewed at: and are on file with the City Authorized Representative at the address identified below, and shall be made available to any interested party upon request.
  11. SHORING AND BRACING:  If the construction involves trenches or open excavations, which are five feet or deeper, each bid submitted in response to this Invitation for Sealed Bids must contain, as a bid item adequate sheeting, shoring, and bracing, or equivalent method, for the protection of life and limb in trenches and open excavation which shall conform to applicable safety orders, as required by Labor Code Section 6707.
  12. SPECIFIC BRAND NAME MATERIALS: All bidders are hereby notified, in accordance with Public Contracts Code Section 3400, that no “equal” substitution will be considered by the City for any of the following materials, products, things, or services: None.
  13. WAIVER OF IRREGULARITIES. The City reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any or all Bids, to waive minor irregularities or defects in bidding and to reject nonconforming, nonresponsive or conditional bids.
  14. INQUIRIES: If any bidder has questions regarding this Project, contact the City’s Authorized Representative: Jonathan Gervais, Parks and Recreation Director, 30 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, CA 94002, (650) 595-7441,  Any questions addressing the interpretation or clarification of the Contract Documents shall be in writing.  The last date and time that the City will receive questions or comments from bidders concerning the bid documents shall be Monday, April 11, 2016 at 2:00PM. 

    Letter of Clarification


Letter of Clarification #2

Letter of Clarification #3

Addendum #2

Plans and specs can be obtained through Ebidboard or City of Belmont, Parks & Recreation Department, 30 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, CA  9400

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