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Infrastructure Repair Ad-Hoc Committee

The Infrastructure Repair Ad-Hoc assists the City Council in identifying alternatives for funding the capital investment needed of the City’s infrastructure, selects and oversees the work of a public opinion pollster regarding a potential revenue measure, makes recommendations to Council based on the pollster’s survey results and provides guidance on post-survey electoral activities with respect to funding alternatives, if needed.

Infrastructure Repair Ad-Hoc Committee Members:

Ashby, DickInfrastructure Ad-Hoc Committee MemberAppointed Position(650) 868-7074
McCune, TomInfrastructure Ad-Hoc Committee MemberAppointed Position
Reed, EricCity Council Member, Infrastructure Ad-Hoc Committee ChairElected Official(650) 610-5763
Stone, CharlesMayor, City Council Member, Infrastructure Ad-Hoc Committee MemberElected Official(650) 832-1694
Violet, JohnCity Treasurer, Infrastructure Ad-Hoc Committee Member, Audit Committee ChairElected Official, Finance(650) 637-2961